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Trainers need to read and sign an employee agreement, which specifies duties and responsibilities.
Trainers need to read over, and abide by the guidelines stated in this manual as well as Fitness Club Merritt Island general employee manual.

Trainers are to conduct sessions in a safe and professional manner – arrive 10 minutes early, prepared, looking professional, and in uniform.
Clean up equipment after each session. Assist gym in staying organized and clean by picking up items left out and educating clients to put away equipment when done.
Trainers are expected to be respectful to managers, other staff, and clients.
Trainers should positively promote all areas of the facility (kid care, fitness classes, pool & tennis courts).
Trainers need to keep client files confidential, organized, and all paperwork up to date.
Trainers are expected to perform a minimum of 3 orientations per month unless special circumstances arise.

Trainers will agree to train exclusively with Fitness Club of Merritt Island unless otherwise approved by the fitness director.

Upon leaving Fitness Club of Merritt Island agree not to train within a 15 mile radius of Fitness Club of Merritt Island for 30 days.
Trainers are encouraged to promote the Fitness Advantage program by attending or assisting with at least one Fitness Club of Merritt Island function within a 12-month period.
Trainers must have a current personal trainer certification and CPR/AED certification and current insurance. Copies of these documents need to be given to the fitness director for your files.
Conduct sessions in a manner that satisfies the guidelines of the Fitness Advantage mission statement and the culture of Fitness Club of Merritt Island.
Recruit new clients and upsell packages that will provide clients with programs that best suit their needs

Trainers are expected to keep up-to-date on new fitness/personal training techniques. Look out for articles, workshops or conventions that may help you or other co-workers further your knowledge as trainers.
Trainers should not have clients perform exercises or give fitness/medical advice outside their scope of practice.
Trainers need to collect doctors releases from clients who qualify for needing medical clearance before performing any sessions.

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