fitness bootcamp

Boot Camp with Brittany may be exactly what you need to kick your fitness regiment into high gear. It may also be exactly what you need if you find yourself going to the gym, not knowing exactly what to do so you hop onto a cardio machine for a while and then go home.

This class is a full body work out starting with 4-8 lower body exercises. Then we move onto 4-8 upper body exercises, followed by an amazing core workout targeting abdominal strength and shape. All of this is accompanied by good music and great vibes to motivate us all through the 50 minute sweat session.

The class is full of people who are just getting started as well as the seasoned gym goer who just wants an extra push with a new and challenging workout. It is a great way to introduce yourself to weight training and basic movements with weights so that when you go to the gym on your own you have more exercises that you feel comfortable doing… let’s face it, just doing cardio each day gets pretty boring.

Yes it is called “Bootcamp” but that doesn’t mean I will be your drill sergeant or you will be pushed to you limit. Truly this class is for all levels, men and women of any age. The reason I decided to call the program Boot Camp was to ensure that people come prepared to work hard and sweat hard the entire time.

If you find yourself doing the same things over and over again in the gym or needing the extra push throughout your week, please join us Monday and Wednesday at 6pm. What better way to start your week than with an amazing workout for your entire body!

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