How It Works

Ask the Experts offers you the opportunity to ask questions that are answered directly by health and fitness professionals who specialize in nutrition and dietary planning. The Ask the Expert service allows you to have an online dialogue with our team of Certified Nutritionists!

Users can post a question, and the first expert to answer is assigned to the question and continues the communication with the user who posted the question.

Each question can be publicly or privately displayed. If set to private, only the expert and the user will be able to view the question and answer.

User Profile and Dashboard

The User can create a profile adding their picture and basic contact information.

Posting Questions

Users can post new questions which will be sent to a list of experts or else placed in the public folder so anyone can answer it. Users can attach files or images to questions they ask.

Ask Our Certified Nutritionist a Question:

Ask The Expert Question / Answer Fees

Both Public and Expert Questions can be posted using our service for FREE. However, the cost for unlocking Expert provided answers is a one time fee of $4.99USD per answer. Additional services related to Ask The Expert services including Long Term Dietary Plans may be provided at an additional cost.