RULES AND REGULATIONS: Rules and regulations as set forth are part of the Membership Agreement and Member is obligated to observe and comply with same. THE GYM may make reasonable changes from time to time. Said changes shall be posted on premises.

1. REGISTRATION: All members, upon entering THE GYM, are required to swipe their membership key tag at the front desk for verification. Guests are welcome and must be registered, have a valid ID and pay fees at the reservation desk. All members must have photo taken when they join.

2. WARRANTY OF PHYSICAL FITNESS: The Member warrants that he/she is in good physical condition and has no disability, impairment or ailment which would be adversely affected by participation in a physical conditioning program or by use of the GYM’s facilities or services. We recommend you consult your doctor for permissions before beginning any gym activities.

3. CLOTHING REQUIREMENTS: Shirts, athletic shoes, and appropriate exercise clothing (i.e., sweats, leotards) are required in exercise areas , permitted in exercise area. Suitable attire will be: gym shorts, t-shirts, tank tops, sweat suits, leotards, tights. Shoes must be worn at all times. Members may be required to bring a towel. If you perspire heavily, wipe down the equipment after use.

4. VIOLATIONS OF RULES AND REGS: In the event a Member violates any of the rules, regulations and conditions of membership herein contained or posted on THE GYM premises, THE GYM may terminate this membership immediately.

5. RETENTION OF DUES TO COVER DAMAGES: In the event a Member, through negligence or willfulness, damages any of the facilities, THE GYM may terminate his membership and retain as much of the prepaid sum as is allocable to services he has taken and to cover damages caused by the Member. The Enrollment fee, if any shall be nonrefundable and not applicable to cover damages. This provision does not in any way preclude THE GYM from seeking damages without terminating membership.

6. DEFAULT IN FEE OBLIGATION: All monthly dues obligations are due and payable on the first of each month for checking or credit card account members (EFT) a late charge of $10.00 will be collected for dues not paid by the 5th and a $10.00 fee for declined credit/debit card holders and after the 1st of the month for checking account clients. If dues become delinquent, use of THE GYM facilities will be suspended. If dues become thirty (60) days delinquent, membership will automatically be terminated and, if applicable, the unpaid balance + late fees payable. The Member will also be responsible for reasonable attorney fees for collection of a delinquent account. There will be a $10.00 charge for returned checks.

7. WAIVER OF CLAIMS: Member acknowledges, agrees and understands that weight training, aerobics and cardiovascular training can be hazardous to some individuals and may result in injury, and other aspects of weight training, aerobics and cardiovascular training may result in injury to himself or other Members. Member further agrees that in consideration for permission to enter onto the premises of THE GYM, Member assumes all risks of injury incurred or suffered while on and/or upon the premises of THE GYM and releases and agrees not to sue THE GYM, its agents, servants, associations, employees or anyone connected with THE GYM for any claim, damages, cost or cause of action which Member has or may have in the future as a result of injuries or damages sustained or incurred while on and/or upon the premises of THE GYM.

8. Abuse of equipment will not be tolerated. Loud or abusive language is not permitted.

9. Equipment must be wiped down before and after usage, and all weights and dumbbells put away after use. Failure to do so can result in suspension.

10. THE GYM reserves the right to cut off any locks left on lockers overnight and dispose of all items left inside. Lockers are to be used only during workout hours. No barbells/dumbbells permitted on upholstered benches.

11. FREEZING OF MEMBERSHIPS: Clients of THE GYM who have memberships of one (1) year or more can petition the management to freeze an account. However, management reserves the right to render the final decision on a case-by-case basis. Special rate memberships, such as police, firemen, EMTs or teachers, are NOT eligible. Chiropractor notes are not acceptable medical notes to freeze a membership. The length of any freeze will not exceed 180 days, all medical notes will be verified, and the length of freeze will be determined by medical condition.
Months during the duration of the freeze do NOT count towards obligation, and all billing will resume after the freeze period, there is a $1.00-month maintenance fee on all eft month to month memberships.
We do not freeze paid in full memberships.

12. Three occasions of misconduct may result in cancellation of membership. No part of fee shall be refunded and any unpaid portion thereof shall become immediately due and payable.

13. THE GYM may from time to time change, add or eliminate equipment, classes, instructors, personal trainers, support staff and services provided as business operations require. Any such change does not constitute a breach of global services and does not qualify a member for refund, or early termination of membership.

14. If you choose to cancel your membership you must either:

  1. Send or Email ([email protected]) a signed and dated written notice of cancellation with 30 days of 1st of the month ( example you can’t cancel June 15th-30th for July 1 it would be Aug 1)
  2. Personally, deliver a signed and dated written notice of cancellation You must cancel 15-30 business days prior to your next billing cycle to avoid another payment, and your account must be up to date with a 0 zero balance. Cancellation is not complete until proof submitted by you has been verified.

15. 24hr Access – VIP members breaking rules of access will be Fined and terminated.

Some very useful tips for your workout!

  • 10 Useful Workout Tips For Beginners

  • How to exercise in order?

    The General Rules Of Exercise Order

    For most of the people, most of the time, proper exercise order can be summed up in one simple sentence:

    More demanding exercises should be performed before less demanding exercises.

    Here are the most common examples of what that means…

    1. Exercises for bigger muscles should come before exercises for smaller muscles.
      Examples: Chest or back before shoulders, biceps or triceps. Shoulders before biceps or triceps. Quads or hamstrings before calves or abs.
    2. Compound exercises should come before isolation exercises.
      Examples: Bench press before dumbbell flyes. Overhead press before lateral raises. Squats before leg extensions. Romanian deadlifts before leg curls.
    3. Free weight/body weight exercises should come before machines.
      Squats or deadlifts before leg presses. Barbell bench press before incline machine press. Pull-ups before chest supported machine rows.

    There are plenty of times when it might make sense to deviate slightly from these rules based on various individual factors, but in general… these rules should apply in most workout routines.

  • How to protect your neck?

  • Keep your stats, see amazing results.

    Test yourself often. Every 4 weeks, measure a variable—waist size, body fat, bench press—that equates to your end goal.

    “It’ll show you the tangible results of your training,” says Craig Ballantyne, C.S.C.S., a trainer in Canada. And that translates into motivation.

  • Stretch for strength.

    Stretching should become a part of your workout because it will indirectly help to increase muscular strength by expanding your range of motion, which will transfer to your weightlifting. When lifting over a greater movement pattern, more muscle fibers are recruited, thus making your muscles stronger.

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